Coping Systems

by Buffalo Buffalo

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released July 26, 2014

in the back room
June 2014

David Settle

Azimuth Mastering

Steven Sampaio

Gang Vocals:
Jack Vermillion
Mike Jones
Will Linscott

Jon Moore

Buffalo Buffalo -
Graham Crainshaw - v/g
Paul Chapman - b/v
John Cyr - d

Thank You.



all rights reserved


Buffalo Buffalo Tallahassee, Florida

Over the course of the better part of 3 years and across the better part of Northeast Florida, Buffalo Buffalo found its eventual footing and sound firmly in the rolling hills of Tallahassee.

Buffalo Buffalo is:

Graham Crainshaw
Paul Chapman
John Cyr
... more

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Track Name: Heavy Hair
I know that our bodies
wrapped up would be faulty
even though you thought that you knew me.

You grab my hand and gently
pull me forward.
I’ve been waiting for so long
my fingerprints combined with yours.

Your hair, it clings to my feet
wrapping up to my knees.
Thick and black as calligrapher’s ink,
it tangles inside me.
It’s heavy.
It knots inside me.

I know that our bodies
wrapped up would be faulty.
We’ve been treading water for weeks now.
My body’s failing and you’re no help.
Track Name: Cavity
There on your front porch
you breathed a black cloud
over me.
Your idealism,
your coping systems
That toothy smile
looks too familiar.
I would like
to rip those teeth from
their cozy jaw homes
one by one.

Or would I rather crack my
teeth on your teeth–
tongue squeezing violently
between the fractured vessels?
I’m tasting metal.

There on your front porch
with that weighty black cloud
over me.
My tapped synapses,
exhausted nerve cells
My heart, it races.
My body’s bracing.
I’m coming clean.
I reach the pliers
back in my own mouth–
Track Name: Lick Fiberglass
Your dog’s been sleeping in your room.
On top of your bed he waits for you.

And hacked to bits like your mother was–
he won’t lay down ‘til you show up.
He’ll wait there to lick your fiberglass eyeballs
that splinter from blinking.

Mom’s been gone since her last birthday.
Dad’s been smoking cigarettes since May.
Ear to ear, his whiskey bottle skin
stretches an awful lot when you walk in.
Track Name: Iron Worker's Song
I can’t lay down to rest
until I’ve broken down the piles
left of iron at the factory
and walk home through the snow
for so long

There my young son waits for me
by the fireplace cracklin’, sucking heat
from the farthest rooms where his mother
never sleeps.

Snapped bones pile up
in the middle of the columns
there inside the construction site.
Some strange and some I’ve known
for so long

I walk a mile high
with a safety line
It keeps slipping further up,
up my spine.
Track Name: Melatonin
I won’t be held down.
It’s bed time now.
Black swine–they swallow,
they bite, and they burrow.

Please God wake me now.
Let me out.
I’m scanning for limbs
that hold me to my bed.

I may never wake up.

It’s too important.
I’m taking chances,
but nothing’s coming,
and I need answers:

a sleeping pill every day of the week.
Track Name: Showerhead
I wanted to fight but I couldn’t quite
ball up my fists or bare my teeth.
I’m telling you I tried beating on that door.

This has taken its toll on me
while you were sitting at home–quiet.
With your pet rabbit you lay on the floor
while I was out with my friends.

The showerhead dripped out icy cold.
It ran in the dark while you sat in the tub.
I’m telling you I tried beating on that door.
Track Name: Sunspots
A leather smile tipped me off.
Everyone here smells like salt.

Granules sink into my arms.
A salty film peels off.

I’d live anywhere but this town.
Even the dogs evacuated.
The dogs evacuated and the fleas
took on the town.
Blame it on the salt.
Track Name: Other Drugs
I found out where you lived
without any help from your friends,
and came to your house that night.
Tossed rocks at your window.

You sent phony invitations
to everyone
You sent phony invitations
and they fell for it.
You sent phony invitations.
Their dripping jowls smile now.

You stood behind your screen door
and urged me to please go home.
But I’ll stand guard all night.
I’ll stand guard all night.
Track Name: Cowboy
I can’t stay here any longer.
All my friends stopped growing older.
I can’t stay here.

When I was ten years old
I was stealing the shoes
from all of the neighborhood
back doors.
I was told I’d live
in a house on a hill
when I was older and mature.
But the light in your eyes
showed you bought
all the lies that you heard
when you were younger.

I can’t stay here any longer.
All my friends stopped growing older.
I can’t stay here.